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All Type Lift Service offers a variety of different upgrade packages for all types of lifts. With a complete upgrade your lift performance, safety and reliability achieved can be compared to that of a new lift. We can tailor design a package that suits your requirements allowing the lift to be upgraded over a certain period of time.

All Type Lift Service ensures to use parts for your modernisation that are commercially available.

The following items can be compiled to suit your modernisation needs. 

  • Controller upgrades
  • Door operators
  • Variable frequency drive units
  • Hydraulic upgrades
  • Emergency telephones
  • Shaft information systems
  • Voice Annunciators
  • Car operating panels
  • OH&S upgrades
  • Shaft lighting
  • Digital position indicators
  • Rope brakes
  • Digital indicators/LCD indicators
  • Lift security
  • Door detectors
  • Lift flooring
  • Lift lighting
  • Lift music